Loofah Soap

DIY Loofah Soap!

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This DIY is inspired by a DIY account on Facebook. Take a look at the video that inspired me.

I immediately thought, “I could totally make that DIY”. I challenged myself on step further and tried to find more natural products to use. Some of the things I looked for on Amazon were materials that were high quality without chemicals (mainly applies to the soap).

  • A pack of natural loofahs
  • Two pounds of Cocoa Butter Soap Base
  • A spool of white cotton twine.

I spent $27 total which is not bad for the quantity of loofah soaps that can be made with the supplies. I received enough loofahs for 15 bars, enough soap for about 10 bars, and an endless amount of twine for multiple DIY’s.

Let’s get to the fun stuff

What You Will Need
  1. Natural Loofahs
  2. A Melt and pour soap base
  3. String
  4. Cupcake pan
  5. Knife and Cutting Board
  6. Microwave / Microwaveable Bowl
  7. Coffee Grounds (optional)
  1. Start by cutting the loofah into 1 inch pieces.
  2. Cut strands of twine to loop around the loofah and tie them on each piece.
  3. Place each piece of loofah into the cupcake pan.
  4. Cut the soap into 1/2 to 1 inch pieces for a quicker melting time. I used about one pound of soap for 5 pieces of loofahs. Now it’s time to cut up and melt the soap. I used 1 lb of soap for 5 loofahs.
  5. Start by melting the soap for one minute, then take it out to stir. Keep going in small increments – keeping a close eye so it does not burn.
  6. Pour the soap into the cupcake pan. Make sure to push down the loofahs so the soap will soak into the entire loofah.
  7. Let this sit for about 2-3 hours to firm up. Then take a butter knife around the edge of each cupcake pan to loosen up the loofah before trying to remove it from the pan.

My spin on this DIY was to make an exfoliating loofah soap by adding ground coffee into two of them.

This was a quick and simple DIY that is sure to mix up your Spa Night Routine. Loofah Soap can be fun to create with a group of friends – then have a spa night together. These can also be used as a small gift and a great stocking gifts for Christmas.

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