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Our Chicago Trip

Hi loves ❤

Jordan and I recently took a mini-vacation to Chicago. We had such a blast. We planned this trip around a concert I bought J tickets to for Christmas. We booked Lucy into her favorite place to be when we go out of town, Pet Palace. The girls love her there, and she loves getting to play with the rest of the doggies. We both took time off from work, and pack the car up and headed north. We left Friday afternoon, and spent Friday night through Sunday morning in Chicago. We arrived in the windy city with one thing to accomplish: enjoy ourselves.


We left our home Friday afternoon and headed north to Chicago. We got to the city with enough time to check into our hotel, take a quick snooze, and get ready for the concert. We stayed at the Congress Plaza Hotel, which was in the PERFECT location. We were close to a lot of different things in the city. We took an Uber to the concert since it was in Uptown, a 25 minute drive….in evening traffic. I would not have been able to drive in those conditions, it was even stressful to just be a passenger in our Uber. He was a fierce driver, and did quite well in the Chicago rush hour traffic.


Seriously, one of the best concerts Jordan and I have been to. It was crazy and quite an experience. A completely different experience than a concert in Indianapolis. After the concert we stayed around Uptown for a little while in order to catch an Uber back to the city. We got back to the room around Midnight, and surprisingly most restaurants near our hotel were closed. We found a bar that delivered, and we finally ate some dinner around 1am and crashed out for the night.


The second day was our only full day in the city. It was a relaxing day. We didn’t set alarms, but I got up around 10 and was still STARVING. So I threw on some clothes and made a trip to the dunkin’ donuts a few blocks away. We had dunkin’ in the hotel for breakfast, then got ready for our adventures. The weather was a little chilly, but manageable with our jackets.

We walked all around the city, seeing (most) of the sites we set out to find. We walked around and saw the bean, and looked at all the statues in the park. We looked at all the little shops on our way to Water Tower Place. We had to do some shopping because SOMEONE (**cough Jordan cough**) forgot jeans. We decided we would rather have an afternoon nap than going to the Pier. We ate dinner at Exchequer Restaurant and Pub, a few blocks from our hotel. After we got back from dinner, we watched a few vlogs of our favorite YouTubers then went down to the hotel bar and had a few drinks.


The third day, we slept in quite a bit so we only had time to pack and checkout. We headed back to pick up our Lucy girl around Noon.

This trip was our first trip on our own and was such a great time. We are definitely looking forward to planning more weekend trips. I’ve learned that I love not making plans on vacation and just going with the flow. I also learned that I need to take more pictures. Below you can see the few pictures I did manage to take on our trip.

Where is your favorite place for a quick weekend trip??

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