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No More “Monday Blues”

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For me, there is a point in my Sunday evening where I feel the anxieties of starting a new week. There are so many things that I try to get done before the new week in order to have a smooth week. I used to get this feeling when I was in school – but you know, I was only frustrated because I had to go into another week consisting of classes, homework, and quizzes.  Since I have been working full time – I get this feeling even more. Laundry. Dishes. Meal Prep. There are so many things that make my week ahead easier – but sometimes I just want to relax with J on my Sunday evenings. I have been focusing on how to rest and prepare myself at the same time. I wanted to share a few tips that I have found help me the most.



Take your Sunday evening to plan and organize everything you will need for Monday morning. This will help tremendously when you hit snooze 8 times in the morning. Lay out your clothes, pack your bag, and get your lunch ready. I also like to fill my water bottle up, and set out my breakfast. If I wake up with little time to make my breakfast, I can grab it and throw it in my purse and make it at work. This tip can be used every weeknight as well, making your mornings as smooth as possible.

Post-Work Activity

Most Mondays it feels like work just drags on. Give yourself something to look forward to after work. Maybe take this day to do some retail therapy? Or treat yourself with a smoothie after work. (My fav is smoothie king). I like to plan an evening out for dinner on days that I know work might suck, this way I don’t have to make dinner OR clean up after dinner. It could also be as simple as picking out a movie to watch on Netflix when you get home.

Hit the Gym

I LOVE workouts on Mondays. It turns my frown upside down (okay – wow that sounded super cheesy). I typically will workout after work so I am in a better mood before coming home for the evening. This doesn’t have to be a hard grueling workout, just something to start your week off strong. I find if I workout on Mondays, it helps set the mood for the week. When I make it to the gym the first day of the week, I typically eat a little healthier, and make sure to hit the gym again.

Be Positive

Think positive about work during the weekend. This will allow you to return to work with an open mind, ready to get stuff done. Take this to the next step by staying off work emails and phone calls during the weekend to truly enjoy your time off. This will give you a much needed break to relax and refresh. If you are still struggling to be positive, wake up Monday morning and think, “Today will be a great day because…”

Figure out the WHY. Is there a particular reason why you dread Mondays? Is it a coworker? Is it your boss, or your work in general? Finding out what is causing this stress and anxiety leads you one step closer on how to solve the dread. Do you need to find a new job that better suites your interest and talents? What will allow you to enjoy Mondays?

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How to overcome your Monday blues

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