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Buying A Home At A Young Age

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I never imagined that at 23, I would be approved to purchase a house of my own. We bought our home 2 months after I graduated college. The past 10 months has been an incredible journey.

We looked into buying a house after the realization that renting yet another apartment didn’t make financial sense for us. We would be paying SO MUCH money and not getting anything in return. So on a whim, we looked at a few houses in Lebanon. What started as just innocent browsing houses – turned into a house hunt.

Everything happened so quick

The realtor called us within minutes of requesting a showing (even at 11:00pm). We were quite impressed. We met her the next day, and found out that unfortunately the house we first wanted to look at was sold after 1 day on the market. She helped us look at other contenders in the area, which is when we discovered our beauty.

The Buying Process

Our realtor made our first-time house buying process very easy. Our buying process was a little different then most – we looked at the houses before we were pre-approved. She called her go-to guy and we filled out the pre-approval application on the phone in her office. We spent hours with her on the first day to get everything figured out and left hopeful that soon we would have our first house. We looked at the house twice before putting in the offer. Once by ourselves and once with Jordan’s parents.

Getting Approved

Based on how easy it was to pre-approved, I thought getting approved would be the same. BOY. WAS. I. WRONG. Not to scare anyone off, I just want to be brutally honest….

Getting financed is a PAIN in the butt. I had to sign so many papers, look up W2’s, bank statements, pay stubs, tax info, and so much more. I was in constant conversation with our financial adviser for a good month. When we were finally approved for the agreed price, it was such a relief. 

Pros of Buying a Home at a Young Age?

To Save Money! The apartment we lined up in Lebanon was going to cost us $1200 for rent alone.  Buying our home saved us over $400 a month just in rent!

To Build Credit! I was able to build up even more credit with buying the house. I had average credit before buying the house – and after our two years of owning our first home, my credit was GREAT.

Having Your Own Space! Buying a house finally gave us a space that we truly felt was our own. We were able to pick out different paint colors, complete room makeovers, and host our friends without worrying about our apartment neighbors. 

Other Deciding Factors Of Buying A Home

When we started to look at houses, we had a 5 month old pup. We desperately wanted to provide her with a yard for her to run and play in. To be honest, this was our main focus point when buying our first home. Living in an apartment was not going to benefit our pup. Our potential apartment had a patio surrounding by grass, however that is no life for a pup. I am so happy we were able to provide this for her, she truly loves it. Her favorite pastime is sitting in the yard with her nose held high, sniffing the air.

The Challenges

We have taken the experience of buying our first home as a learning experiences. We have made a few mistakes, but through the mistakes we have learned so many life skills.

  • I learned I CANNOT replace a light fixture myself.
  • The first winter, we learned how to defrost a frozen pipe and drain.
  • We learned how to mow and use the weed eater.
  • We learned how to fix a fence (after loosing Lucy during a midnight potty break).

Regardless of the lessons we learned during our first year of home ownership, we are so incredible blessed and thankful for our first home.

Much love,


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