Goodbye 23, Hello 24
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Goodbye 23, Hello 24!

24 years old. I remember being 18 like it was yesterday – but here I am, 24 and thriving.

Wow. I can’t believe another year is over. I feel like the last 12 months just flew by. This year came with a whirlwind of emotions. Some relationships have strengthen a great bit, but some have dried up. I’m still on the journey of discovering myself and what I want in life, but this year that journey has become more clear.

Jordan and I have gone through so much this year yet still accomplished SO MANY good things. I wanted to write this blog in order to reflect on all the great things we got to experience this year.

  • We bought a house 2 months after I graduated. This is probably one of my favorite memories made this year. It is so special to me that Melissa was there to see our house when we first purchased it.
  • Jordan and I successfully raised a puppy (there were some moments that we both thought about giving up).
  • The entire house has been furnished top to bottom with only a few arguments of style choices. (We have both won and loss some battles with that).
  • We landscaped our front yard!! With the help of his mamaw and papaw, literally couldn’t have done it without them. I thought I knew how to plant flowers in a flower bed but holy smokes, I was wrong.
  • We held our first (and probably last) garage sale at our house. Thanks Britt and Pam for the help!
  • I bought a new car! Can’t thank Jordan enough for doing all the leg work. I just came in and signed the papers! This also wasn’t possible without my stepdad, Mark buying/selling my Jeep off of me!
  • I have overhauled 2 rooms in the house, the guest bathroom and Jordan’s office. I have a list of changes to make this year.
  • Kayla got married, and I was able to host her bridal party. I have found that I LOVE to host parties. It was so much fun to plan out all the decor, games, and food!
  • I started a new position at CNO Financial Group in Carmel (as of 3 weeks ago). It is such an exciting position, and I believe I have found the place where I belong. This position aligns directly with what I learned at Purdue, and it is so cool to see those processes and knowledge in a company setting.

I never imagined we could accomplish so many things this early in life, but with the loving family/friends that have helped us this year, anything seems possible. We lost a beautiful soul this year, and we see the affect each and every day in our life. Luckily through this loss we have gained stronger relationships with family and friends that keep us feeling like we are on top of the world. The relationships we have cultivated has given us the strength to accomplish all of these great things.

As I go into year 24 on this earth, I’m a little more wise, straightforward, and loving. This past year I have lived like each day is a gift. I’ve spent more time with the people who mean the most to me. I have been enjoying each and every moment and taking in more beautiful memories.

Year 24 is bound to be great – I am looking forward to making many more memories. I can’t wait to spend even more time with friends and family and see how my life evolves from this point forward. Jordan and I have goals to reach, and we will be out there living and taking all the beauty in while working toward our goals.

Thank you to everyone who has played an important role in this past year, I appreciate you all so much! (You know who you are!)

Much love,


PS: Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the past year!

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