Beauty Blender Comparison - Clean Versus Dirty

DIY Beauty Blender Hack

Hi loves ❤
One of my biggest struggles is staying on top of cleaning my make-up brushes. A few months back, I saw a beauty blender cleaning hack and I just had to try it. The article determined that this hack would eliminate some time it takes to clean your beauty bender. The article I followed is here.

What you need:

  • Dirty Beauty Blender
  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Olive Oil
  • Dish Soap


  1. Mix in 2 tablespoons of olive oil and dish soap in a bowl.
  2. Cover the dirty beauty blender in the above mixture.
  3. Massage the mixture into the beauty blender
  4. Massage the beauty blender under warm water.
  5. Repeat the above steps until the beauty blender is clean.
  6. Let dry overnight.

My Before and After Pictures

Oil and Dish Soap Mixture
Beauty Blender covered in mixture
After Drying

Overall, I was impressed with this technique. There were only a few spots that were stained. This is mainly my fault – because honestly, I don’t think this beauty blender had been cleaned before. Whoops! ? I give this method an A+. When it comes time to clean my brushes and beauty blender again, I will try a different method out and compare!!

What is your favorite way to clean out your makeup brushes?

Let me know if you try this out as well!

Much Love,

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