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How to Introduce Supplements into Your Workout Routine

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Many of you may not know this, but within the past 6 months, I have started weightlifting. I wanted to give a brief story on how I got started in weightlifting.

My Weightlifting Story

I started weightlifting in July of 2018, and quickly fell in love. When I started weightlifting, I was using an at-home program through Beachbody and absolutely loved it. I completed the program once, but as I started my second time around, I was getting bored of the same workouts and I wanted more variation.

I started to do some research on weightlifting in general and followed some great inspirational women on Instagram who are in the fitness industry (Whitney Simmons, Maryana Dvorska, and BrianaK). I found a couple apps that I love dearly, and use now on a daily basis. For nutrition, I use the app Carb Manager. It helps me track my food and water intake daily, while focusing on my Macro limits. For my workouts, I use the app, JEFIT. This app was a life saver! I started weightlifting in the gym with this app, by following the plan that was suggested for me. It was great, and I absolutely fell in love with lifting at the gym.

After a few weeks of this, BrianaKFitness was having a sale on the guides that she creates for her followers. I purchased one of her programs, and have been using this guide in the gym for about two months. I have completed the guide once, and am currently on my second round. After this round, I will be purchasing a new guide to follow.

Throughout my research on weightlifting, I have found what my body needs before, during, and after a workout. I have been tweaking my supplements for the past four months, and have been testing out different brands. I am continuously researching supplement companies, to find better quality and taste of supplements.

Incorporating Supplements into Your Routine

Protein Powder

I drink a protein shake about an hour before I go to the gym each day. I am currently using the protein powder, Complete by Juice Plus+. They have a vanilla and chocolate protein powder. I absolutely love the chocolate powder for my shakes. I have used the vanilla protein powder to bake with.


I take a pre-workout from C4 in the watermelon flavor. I picked mine up at my local target (shout-out to my favorite store). I drink my pre-workout about 30 minutes before I workout. When I don’t take my pre-workout, I am very sluggish in the gym and not as hyped to get a great lifting session in. I can’t wait to switch up my pre-workout flavor when I run out of this can. 

During Workout

I drink a BCAA from Extend in the blue raspberry flavor. I chose this flavor because it had so many good reviews, but in my opinion – it is too sweet tasting. I was able to get around this by using only a half a scoop each time. This is something that I will be trying another flavor in once my bottle is finished. I use this supplement to hydrate me while I work out while getting amino acids to help my muscles. 


I take a Isolate Protein within 30 minutes after my workout. Currently, I am using the citrus lemonade flavor from IsoPure. This has become my favorite protein because it is refreshing. You can find it here.

I have been changing my supplements about every two months, so I don’t get bored of the flavors I am using. Currently I don’t have a favorite brand, because I am in the season of trying all of my options! The next supplement I am looking to add into my routine is a greens supplement to help increase the greens I am getting in each day. I’ll be sure to update you all when I have found my staple supplements!

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Weightlifting and Supplements

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