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Have you ever planned to get in a workout, but you just can’t make it to the gym? Has the weather prevented you from leaving your home? Do you just want a true stay-cation, without leaving your house? If any of the above statements ring true to you, you need to read this blog. Over the past few years I have been building my stash of workout equipment, and I’m excited to share this with you!

Depending on what your workout goals are, what types of exercises you prefer, and the amount of space you have in your home, all determine what equipment you should keep in your stash. For me, I have my own office space in our home to keep my workout equipment. Unfortunately, at this time I am unable to have any workout machines in our home, but I have smaller equipment, that when used properly, STILL kick my butt every time.

Here’s a little about the equipment I currently have in my home. I am constantly looking to find more exercise equipment and accessories to keep on hand.


When I purchased my first set of dumbbells, I started with the typical 5 pound dumbbells. As I began to progress in my first weight lifting program, I purchased 8 pound and 12 pounds. Once again, I quickly outgrew those, so this time I went with adjustable weights, and it was the best decision. Find the adjustable weights is the adjustable weights that I picked up from Target here.

Yoga Mat

To be completely honest, I love a good bargain. This is why the past two yoga mats that I have owned has been purchased from garage sales. They were in perfect condition, and a simple way to save a little money. The one I bought this summer from a garage sale for $5, was $40 at a store. HELLO SAVINGS

Foam Roller

I just received my foam roller for Christmas and I AM IN LOVE. LOL but really, practicing foam rolling has been a game changer. My new goal is to try to foam roll each night that I have been to the gym. I have noticed a quicker recovery time on my sore muscles since foam rolling. The foam roller I received can be found on here on Amazon.

Resistance Bands

I originally purchased these for a program I was using with Beachbody earlier in 2018. using the bands make simple exercises a little more challenging. I currently keep these in my gym bag to also use at the gym when I want to increase the intensity of a lift. My set of bands were purchased here on Amazon.

Kettle Ball

I got a Kettle Ball for my birthday gift a few years back when I was still living in a dorm. It was the first piece of workout equipment that I personally owned. I used the kettle ball when I didn’t have much space but still wanted to lift some pounds.


As the same with the resistance bands, I bought these sliders for a program that I was doing with Beachbody during 2018. Honestly I haven’t used them since that program. I have seen multiple people post workouts that use the sliders, I just haven’t tried one yet. Using slides are incredibly hard, and depend solely on using your core muscles. Maybe I’ll put together a workout circuit that uses the sliders. I purchased my set of sliders here on Amazon.

What is your essential at-home exercise equipment?

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