How to Review Monthly Goals
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How to Review Monthly Goals!

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As we come to another months end in 2019, it is so important to review the goals you have set.  Each month I take some a day to review my current goals and my progress to prepare for the next month. This help me set priorities for the next month and ultimately create my goals for the next month as well.

I wanted to share with ya’ll my process of reviewing my monthly goals so you can follow this practice too! Reviewing monthly goals gives you the ability to see where you are at currently – and where you want to go. Reviewing each and every goal I set (even if I didn’t complete it) helps me stay on track throughout the year. 

Look at What You Achieved

The first thing you want to do at the end of each month is celebrate the wins. Look at what goals you completed and mark them off your list!

Here’s a brief summary of what I completed in January

  • Staying on budget. I was able to stay within my budget this past month which really helps me with my savings goals and paying down my student loans. Since I was under budget, I had extra cash I could use to pay down my loans.
  • Practice Intermittent Fasting. In January, I completed my 16 hour daily fast about 80% of the days. Some days on the weekend I caved and ate past my cut off. Overall, I am satisfied with what I accomplished with IF this month.
  • Complete the Briana K Fitness guide. I DID IT! During the month of January I completed this four week guide. I did miss one workout during the four weeks, but I am overjoyed with my commitment I had this month.
What Needs Some Work?

Next, take a look at the items that may need some extra work before the next month. Does this goal still fit my life? Should I adjust this goal? Is there something/someone I am waiting on before I can complete this goal?

You sould be asking yourself questions on why this goal didn’t get complete and problem solve on what it would take to get it checked off your list.

For me, life got the best of me and I did not complete any of my house goals I had in January. These will now be moved to my February list. I WILL set out the time to get the microwave and attic ladder ordered and installed!!!

Where To Go Next? 

After you have analyzed your goals from the current month – put together a list of goals you want to achieve next month. This can be goals that didn’t get completed – or new goals that have popped up in your life. The main reason to review your goals each month is to realign your goals with your life. 

I hope you spend some time in the next few days and reflect over the past month and set yourself goals to achieve in the coming month. Good Luck!

Each month I outline my goals on my Instagram page.

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