To my High School Self
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To My High School Self

Hi loves ❤

In a few months I will be 25 (oh shit, I’m getting old) and am approaching 6 years post high school. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflecting with my personal development this month so I wanted to put together a list of things I would tell my high school self.

It’s okay to fail

It took me until 6 months ago to be fully comfortable saying that out loud. I was a people-pleaser, rule follower, must have straight A’s kinda girl. If I thought I was going to fail at something, I simply just didn’t do it. I missed out on a lot of experiences due to the fact I didn’t want anyone to see me fail.

Life gets worse before it gets better

Rock bottom is a nasty place. It’s essential to have a great support system to help you get through the hardest of times. With that, you have to be willing to be vulnerable with your support system so they can truly help you. This is something I didn’t learn until late in my college career.

That boy you met junior year – will be the man who changes your entire life

I had absolutely no idea how much J would change my life. He found me when I was in a dark place mentally and emotionally. He’s brought me through so many trials and tribulations. He is so kind, thoughtful, determined, and supportive. I never imagined at 22 and 24 we would conquer and achieve so much but here we are. 2018 was all about recovery but 2019 is our year to shine. Watch out world – here we come.

The past does not define you

After high school no one will know about your past (unless you tell them). Take this time to not let your past define you. Now don’t lie about your past, just take the time to find who you are in the present. You have a chance to be free of the boxes, stereotypes, and limits your hometown put you in.

Everyone deserves kindness

Every single person deserves kindness regardless of how bad of a person they are. There are a lot of evil and deceiving people in this world. You can’t always choose how people act toward you – but you can choose how you react and how you treat them.

Make every word count

You never know when it will be the last time you see or hear from someone – don’t leave it on a bad note.

Dream big

The only thing standing in the way is yourself. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT. If you make a plan, you can achieve anything.


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