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5 Small Healthy Changes to Make Right Now

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As we are starting the new year, it is so important to make a few small changes in your life. Adding in small healthy habits can affect your health BIG TIME as the months go on this year. It’s never to late to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your routine. Below you can find 5 of my favorite small changes I have made while diving into a healthy lifestyle.

Drink More Water

Stay Hydrated ya’ll. Water is so good for your body and it is one of the simplest changes to make in your life. “Proper hydration is key not only to making sure we stay alert and energized, but also to keeping everything function in our bodies,” says Jaclyn London, MS,RD,CDN. Water can help hydrate your skin, aid in headaches, and keep your digestion in check.

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Sleep More

I can’t preach this enough. SLEEP MORE. Most of us are not getting enough sleep each night and it can be affecting our health. The amount your body needs is varied with each and every individual. It takes some sleep schedule testing to determine how much sleep you need to function at your best. One way to get more quality sleep is by getting into a night routine. When I developed a night routine, I was able to fall asleep faster and by setting a bedtime – I was always getting enough sleep for my body.

I will admit, I don’t follow my night routine every night. When I have not followed my routine for a few days in a row, I become very tired and notice I am consuming A LOT more caffeine each day.

Find Gratitude

One practice that has changed my life is taking a little time out of my day to find gratitude. I found this first from my girl Rach with her Start Today Journals. I will admit, after I purchased my first journal, it took me awhile to get into the habit of practicing it daily. The whole concept of the Start Today Journal is to find gratitude for 5 things in your daily life then write out 10 goals you will achieve.

I have found that my outlook in life is a little bit more positive when I do this practice daily and I tend to know my purpose. It helps me align myself each day to live with intention and make sure all my actions will help me achieve those goals.


Getting in a good stretch makes my body feel relaxed & stress free. I take out a few minutes in the morning and night to get in a quick stretch. When you are stretching, it doesn’t have to be long or time consuming. A quick 2 to 3 minute stretch can help your body and muscles relax. I try to get in 10 minutes morning and night each day. Stretching frequently can improve your mobility, release stress, and enhance relaxation.

Set A Goal

Setting a goal gives me a task to work towards in my life. Having a few goals each month gives me purpose and helps me to be continuously improving. These goals can be based on your health, finances, or even personal growth. The beauty about setting a goal? You have ALL the control. For me, setting a goal helps motivate me through the hard times. Getting in small wins keep me going towards the big goals I set for that year. Currently, a few examples of my goals are: No Pop, Organizing Our Home, and Increasing Water.

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This year I have been concentrated on living with intention. Making small healthy changes that impact my daily life and help achieve my goals are just a few ways I practice intentional living. Take your time and ease yourself into a healthy lifestyle. My suggestion is to pick one change off of the above list each month to practice. By the end of 5 months, you will have 5 new healthy habits!

What are you going to start with first?? Let me know in the comments below!

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