5 Medicine-Free Ways to help your headache
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5 Medicine-Free Ways to Find Headache Relief

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With the current weather here in Indiana, I have been experiencing headaches WAY too often this winter/spring (If you want to call snow in April SPRING). I typically start showing signs of a headache in the evening time and it will carry over into the next morning. I used to swear by taking a few Excedrin and go about my day – but lately, it wasn’t quite doing the trick.

This month I have been exploring different ways to help my headaches without taking any medication. Some ways I have tried helped DRAMATICALLY, but others – not so much. My headaches are brutal and if I don’t catch it within the first couple hours – it will get more and more intense as the day goes on. Most of my headaches are borderline migraines and I spend a lot of my time getting cozy on the couch. I wanted to share with you all some of the best ways I have been able to give relief to my headaches without medication.


I have been dealing with headaches for a long enough time that I can tell by how my body feels on if I need to combine these natural ways with medication to provide the best care I can for my own body.

Hot Peppermint Tea

My tea obsession is completely out of control. I probably have at least 10 different flavors and types of teas in my pantry at this very minute. There isn’t a time in my life where I haven’t been in love with trying different types of tea. When I discovered that I could help my headaches with tea – I was SO excited. Lately, I have incorporated hot tea into my nightly routine. I have found that for me, hot peppermint tea helps the most to soothe my headaches. My current favorite peppermint tea is from Grove Collaborative.

Essential Oils

GUYS. I have always used essential oils for cleaning but recently I have started diffusing Essential Oils as well as making different concoctions to use on my body. A few years back I bought glass roller-ball containers, glass spray bottles, and glass eye-dropper bottles. This allows me to make these concoctions and keep them around so they are available when needed. For headaches, I have two concoctions that I am currently using. I have a roller-ball container filled with liquid coconut oil and Lavender Essential Oil. This is rubbed on my temples when I start feeling a headache coming on. This mixture helps me to relax a bit so I can beat the headache. The second concoction is a peppermint and coconut oil mixture in a spray bottle. I use this on my neck, chest, and shoulders when I have a headache to give some relief.


One of my favorite things to do whenever I am not feeling very good is to take some time to get in a full body stretch. I try to slow down my breathing while stretching – and sometimes even play some relaxing piano music. When my headaches are stress related, stretching helps me get some stress off of my neck and shoulders.

Hot cloth and/or Hot Bath

I typically like to get in a hot bath or take the time to sit with a hot cloth on my head as soon as I feel a headache coming on. It is not always convenient to do so, but my goal is to practice these two things as soon as I can in order to start relaxing my body in order to fight off the headache.


Caffeine withdrawal can cause a raging headache. So what would be the obvious solution? Give your body some caffeine. I try not to overdo it with caffeine when I am experiencing a caffeine withdrawal – this way I won’t continue the cycle. A little caffeine can go a long way – especially when using multiple of these techniques together.

One Extra Tip

Avoid Electronic Screens. All electronic screens. This is the first thing I try to do when I start feeling a headache coming on. I will put my phone down, turn off the TV, and shut down my computer. Being in the tech field for my full time position AND running a blog – I look at screens 24/7. I try to be more aware of how much time I am spending in front of a screen – and make the time I do spend worth it. Ways I have reduced my screen time is by watching less TV, stopped scrolling through social media multiple times in a row, and putting my phone down 30-45 minutes before we head to bed.

I hope the next time you are experiencing a headache, you remember these tips and try some before automatically taking medication. Let me know if you tried any of these techniques – or if you have another medication-free way you beat off a nasty headache.

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