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Say Hello to Our Cute Fur Babies!

Hi loves ❤️

I know I have been a little MIA here on my blog during the month of March. If you follow me on social media, you know that recently my fiance and I moved cities. We found our DREAM home and decided to take the plunge of moving. Things are starting to calm back down as we get all settled in and put our old home up on the market. If you want to see more about our move, check out my insta or facebook. I wanted to take a few minutes out of my day to just share some adorable pictures of our fur babies. Say hello to our babies!!


Our first fur baby, Ollie, is a rescue kitty. He will be three in May. We rescued him from Jordan’s parents neighborhood after he had been dumped by someone. We found him when he was about 4 weeks old. He is such a sassy kitty and definitely lets us know when he isn’t happy. Ollie Boy loves to cuddle at night….with Jordan. I AM THE ONE WHO LOVES KITTIES AND RESCUED HIS ASS BUT I GET NO CUDDLES…. I’m not upset about it, I swear LOL


Oh Lucy. She is quite the handful. She is a lively two year old puppy. We found her from a friend of a friend when she was 12 weeks old. We were absolutely thrilled to add her to our family, but she definitely keeps us on our toes. She is half husky, half bloodhound. Lucy loves to sit outside and curl up in bed. She is a lovey dovey pup with such a big heart. She loves EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. We recently started incorporating Puppy Daycare two days a week – and it has been life changing. Definitely recommend to everyone with a pup.


Maisy is our newest addition into our home. We adopted her from a local rescue group. She is a 9 month old lab mix pup – and is a handful! Though we love our sweet Lu, she doesn’t like to cuddle much. She will only cuddle on her own time, however; Maisy is completely opposite. She loves hanging out right next to us regardless of what we are doing. This is one of the reasons I love her. She is a sweetheart and is always trying to protect us. We have been enjoying watching her personality develop as she is around our home longer.

Do you have an adorable fur baby? Leave a cute picture of your fur babies in the comments below.

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