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April Goals

Hi loves❤️

It’s that time again. April is here!! I am so excited to see where April takes me this month. We are now living in our new house and our first home is almost on the market. We are enjoying living in Lafayette – and in just two weeks’ time we are getting to spend more time together. This month I want to focus on getting back into my routine. During the move my schedule and habits were diminished and I was left in late March scrambling to make it through. Some of my goals in April are along the same lines of the goals I set in February, but I really want to nail down my routines before we get to far into the year.

My Life

I honestly can’t complain much these days. My life is doing great. I am loving our new home, my job has always been great, and I am spending time doing what I love – working out and blogging. There are a few goals I have this month to just balance out my life a little bit and give myself a few things to work on to become a better person.


My first task is to learn balance. I currently do not have very good balance between my blog, social life, and fitness. BUT – I’m working on it. In March, I essentially divided the week up in chunks and worked on one thing during that chunk of time. I decided I didn’t really like that approach and would like to try something where I am working on multiple things each day – just prioritizing what tasks are most important and using my time wisely.

Cleaning Routine

One task that I am excited to continue this month is my cleaning routine. GUYS – I haven’t officially announced this yet, but a little sneak peek for all of you reading – I have a cleaning routine downloadable .PDF coming to you all in May. I created it when we moved so I can keep up with the cleaning in our new house. I will release my cleaning routine and a blank .PDF for you to customize the cleaning routine if needed. I have been following this for two weeks now and I LOVE it. It allows me to get all of my cleaning done – but still have time to do other things in my life as well. More details are coming soon on how you can snatch my routine.

Personal Development

I have SO MANY personal development books that I would love to read. My bookcase at home is literally filled with some great books. I want to take the time to read a personal development book 20 minutes a day, three times a week. Currently I am reading, “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero*.

The Kate’s Life Fam

I typically don’t show the work I put into blogging or share the goals that I have for this blog, so this is something new to me. I’m sure many of you do not know what it takes to create a blog – or keep it up-to-date and on everyone’s radar. Outside of my full time position – I easily put in another 15 – 20 hours working on the blog.


I am currently in a few blogger groups on Facebook and Instagram. I am looking to be a little more active on these groups this month by checking in each day and continuing the relationships I have with these amazing women

Interact with my Followers

I want to keep up-to date better with my followers. I love to spend about an hour each day – 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night with my followers. This includes checking stories and going through my feed. I love to see what is going on in my followers’ life.

Social Media

My goal is to have one post per day on Social Media. My goal for April is to have the thought of what I want to post ahead of time (at least one day in advance. This will cut down the time I take on creating the image and caption for all of my posts on social media. I want to post on my stories each day as well. This will give my followers a better look into my life.

Blog Posts

My goal is to have four blog posts in the month of April. This right here is a lofty goal. With my full time position – it takes anywhere from 3-5 days to write, edit, create images, and social media posts for each blog post. This is because I have to work around my full time job (and life in general). I typically find that I write the best during the evening time, so lately I have been using our new office after dinner to write and brainstorm.

Health and Fitness

I do have a few things outside of these goals that I would love to work on involving my health and fitness. The first one is to cut out pop. The first thing that I always add back into my diet when I am not being strict is Soda Pop. I don’t even know why I do it, because the reward is not worth it in the end. In April – I want to get back on the no pop train and up my water intake.  Another thing to work on is taking my supplements. I have been so bad about getting in all of my supplements – and I can feel it.


Get back on the training schedule of working out FIVE days a week. NO EXCUSES. I am so relieved that I am so close to the gym at our new house (only about a 12 minute drive) – and it gives me more flexibility to get my gym sessions in. That in turn also gives me more flexibility to say – “I’ll do it later”, and then never get to it.

Meal Plan / Meal Prep

I will be Meal Planning / Meal Prepping each week. I pretty much accomplish this goal each month – but I like to keep it in my goal list to help remind me that it is very important to do this in order to reach my goals in the gym.

Progress Pictures

I will take updated progress pictures and measurements. I think the last time I took my progress pictures and measurements is in January. This is mainly because I haven’t been actively working toward a certain goal since then. I want to take these updated stats just to see where I am at today and what I can accomplish in one month with my new training schedule.

Now it’s your turn. Take some time and create a few goals that you would like to accomplish in April. What do you want to work on? What do you want to eliminate from your life?

Let me know below a few things you decided to pursue in April.

Much Love,


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