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5 Tips to Declutter Your Home

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Today I want to tackle the popular topic of decluttering your home. I have seen this topic become more and more talked about within my blogger community this year. I wanted to provide my take on decluttering and the top ways I successfully got rid of all our clutter in our home.

A Little Story

I want to tell a little back story. Before our recent move, Jordan and I lived in a small starter home. We absolutely loved our home – but knew whenever we wanted to start having babies, we would need a bigger home. I won’t lie to you – babies are on our near future radar (like 3 or 4 years from now). So we casually have been looking at homes back in Lafayette. We never imagined to find our dream home while we were just kind of looking. Well we found our home back in January – but decided that we were going to wait another year before moving. BUT WE JUST KEPT THINKING ABOUT THIS HOUSE. Soooo long story short, we ended up moving earlier than expected. On top of that, our closing process was ONLY TWO WEEKS.

Another Fact? WE HAD TOO MUCH STUFF. Thankfully, I am a dreamer who loves to prepare – so my past self started decluttering the house back in November. I will forever be grateful for past Kate’s decisions. When packing up our stuff for this move – I didn’t have to do a giant declutter and organization before packing. There were a few items that I did decide to purge while packing, but most of the decluttering was done before we even found our new home. We got rid of (no joke – I wish I would’ve taken a picture of our garage) approximately 15 TRASH BAGS full of crap. Well not crap – just stuff we didn’t need. I donated all of our items to our local Goodwill.

Why This is Important

One of my favorite authors and motivational speakers, Rachel Hollis, once made a statement that changed my life. Here is my translation of her statement.

Is your car dirty? Is there clutter in your home? How does your clothes closet look? If there is any portion of your physical life that is out of control, take a deeper look at this – it means a part of your mental health needs help as well.

How Do I Even Accomplish This??

Decluttering comes in all shapes and sizes. There are so many different ways to get the job done. There isn’t even a wrong way to do it. I have tried a variety of ways to declutter our apartments and home in the past – but these tips below really helped me get the job done. Before I decluttered my home – I tried to do a brief clean up, making sure everything was in the appropriate room.

My Tips and Tricks

Do One Room At Once

Try to stick to doing one room at a time. This will help keep you focused and see progress more quickly. While you are decluttering the room, if you find items that don’t belong in the room – sit them aside and put them in the correct room after you finish.

Divide the Room Up

Dividing the room up can help keep you less stressed out. One way to do this is to divide the room up by categories. Say you are in the kitchen – you can divide it up into sections of the room (upper cabinets, lower cabinets, pantry, etc.) OR you can divide it up by type of item (Utensils, Cookware and Bakeware, Glassware, etc.).

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Take your time. There is no time constraint involved with decluttering. Going through each item in your home is exhausting both mentally and physically. Don’t self sabotage yourself. Do as much as you can in one sitting – then take a break and come back to it.

Pull Everything into One Pile

When you are in each room – take everything you are currently tackling and put it in a massive pile. Physically touch each item and decide if it is something you need to keep in your home. By touching each item, you can see and feel the items you have and decide whether or not you need to keep it in your home.

How Does it Make You Feel??

When you are going through each item – really try to focus on how it makes you feel. What are the memories you have behind the object? Does it give you joy? KEEP IT. Does it give you bad memories? PITCH IT. You don’t want bad vibes, memories, and hurt in your home – so do your part to pitch the items. Give yourself a real chance to heal. Big or small wounds. Old or New pain. By letting go of these items, you can clear the energy in your home.

I hope you can take my tips and tackle your clutter. Take back your home – and take control of your life once again.

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5 Tips to Declutter your home

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