How to Create a Cleaning Routine
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How to Create a Cleaning Routine that Works For You

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I have opened an Etsy Shop! If you follow me on social media, you may know that I create lists, excel sheets, and .pdf’s to organize my entire life. I opened this shop to extend all of my organization tools to you! I will be putting out a blog post for each guide to help you utilize the tools better.

About the Cleaning Routine Guide

My Cleaning Routine Guide breaks down what tasks are completed on a daily and weekly basis. With our new home, I am currently researching and discovering what tasks need to be done monthly/yearly basis as well. I will have a second cleaning routine guide out once I determine what tasks can be reduced to monthly or even a yearly schedule.

Why Did I Create this Guide?

This guide started as scribbles in a notebook when we first moved to our new home. I wanted a fresh start with cleaning, and a routine I could keep up with each week. Before we moved, I did a complete declutter and organization of every single piece of our belongings. I physically touched each item and determined if we needed it in the house. Keeping my home clutter-free is the main reason I can keep up with these cleaning tasks. I recommend for everyone to do a declutter of their house every 6 months. Having a clutter-free home and life is very refreshing.

Daily Tasks

The daily tasks are quick and simple. When I wake up each morning – I love to see a fresh and clean home. I find these daily tasks help keep my home in order and truly put a smile on my face. Look around your home to find 4 to 5 tasks that would put you in a better mood, if you found them complete in the morning. The daily tasks are ways to keep the home looking and smelling good for yourself. I also base the daily tasks on what items are touched / moved the most in our home each day. This way I can wipe away germs and keep these items orderly.

Weekly Tasks

The weekly tasks contain the meat of the cleaning routine. I start off by assigning a certain room(s) to one specific day of the week. This way I can get ALL the cleaning done for each room in one day. The weekly list may look long, BUT I will tell you a secret….

I don’t clean on the weekends – AT ALL.

How? By using this guide and targeting a room each day throughout the week, it allows me to relax and rejuvenate during my days off. I picked my rooms based on when I thought each area would need cleaned. (For example – My bathrooms are cleaned on Friday in case we have company on the weekend).

Creating and sticking to a cleaning routine takes A LOT of dedication. If you happen to miss a room – you have double the work to do the next day (or skip that room until next week if you don’t mind a messy room). My routine takes me about one hour a night to complete all of the tasks (with the exception of Friday, when I do the bathrooms – it takes a little longer).

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Cleaning Routine For You

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  • Emily Conklin

    Ahh I need to do this in my life. Cleaning is such a struggle. Thanks for the help and motivation. It’s good to have reminders and little pushes sometimes to make sure things are done.

  • Rhey | Personal Growth Blogger

    i tried doing this once, and i remember ending up getting distracted by social media and food. i think this routine is meant for people with some discipline, which i unfortunately don’t have. i give props to those who are able to though. but i do agree regular cleaning is better than only when you feel like it. i learned this the hard way when it took me more than a day to just clean my room.

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