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4 Tips to Set and Achieve Goals

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I set personal goals each month to give myself areas to improve on. I have been practicing personal growth and development for the past 10 months. Each month, I love sharing my goals with you all with the intention that you will be inspired to set some goals yourself. I have shown you how to review your monthly goals and this month, I would like to switch things up a bit. I thought I would give you all some steps on how to set personal goals in your own life.

Discover Your Goal Areas

The first thing to do before setting any goals is to define the areas in your life that you would like to work on. Sticking to three key areas in my life is easiest for me to stay focused. I reevaluate my key areas each month to make sure I am working towards areas that are relevant to my life.

Set Your Intentions

Are there certain goals that you are wanting to achieve this month? Are there items in your life you wish to improve? Start by making a list of goals you have in each key area. I like to first make a list of five items, then narrow it down to two or three goals in each area.

Write Down Your Goals

Once you have finish setting your goals in the key areas of your life, write them down. I find that when I write my goals down, I am more likely to achieve the goals. I personally LOVE to check things off of a list and crossing off a goals is THE BEST FEELING.

Adjust Your Goals Throughout The Month

It is always a good idea to adjust your goals throughout the month. If your goals is dependent on another item (that couldn’t be completed or has gotten delayed), move it out to next month. Did you have an event in your life postpone a few of your goals. This happened to me when we decided to move out of the blue. I had to shift my focus on getting financed / selling our old home.

It really is as simple as that – set goals and work to achieve them.

Let me know below what goals you have set for this month, I’d love to hear what areas of your life you plan on improving.

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