June Goals

June Goals

Hi loves,

This month I wanted to do something a little different with my goals. Check out my previous posts to see what my goals have looked like this year! Typically, I focus on measurable goals each month, but I wanted to focus on a few goals in June that are less measurable and more valuable in my life. I have worked extremely hard on my mental health and recently, noticed that a few negative thoughts and habits have creeped back into my life.

A new month is the perfect time to focus on getting my mental health back on track.

Practice Personal Development EVERY day.

One of my favorite ways to practice personal development is by listening to a podcast on my commute. I have a list of personal development books I have in my arsenal, but I just need to start reading more. I try to focus on podcasts / books that address something I am stumbling on in my life. This month it is all about how I view other peoples opinions or my perception of peoples opinion of me.

In the words of the great Rach Hollis, “Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business”.

Self Care = Self Love

In the past two months, I have spent less time taking care of myself. Coincidentally, I have notice a few self-deprecating thoughts have entered back into my head. I plan to spend a little more time doing things that take care of my mental and physical health. A few ideas I have is to continue my fitness routine at the gym, taking more hot bubble baths, enjoying hot tea at night, and doing a facial every week. A little bit of self care can go a long way. For me, self care helps my self appreciation and self love.

This month I am bringing it back to the basics and focusing on these two small and minimal goals. I am hoping by focusing on the basics, I can get a few bad mental health habits out of my system. I will be posting updates throughout the month on my insta – so go check it out for updates.

Much Love,


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