Mid Year Check-In
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Mid Year Check-In

Hi loves❤️

We have officially approached the middle of 2019. It is crazy to think that we are halfway through the year && halfway done with the summer months. This month I wanted to look back on a few of the goals I have achieved this year – and identify a few areas I can put in a little more work.

This month we will be going on vacation and we are super excited. I have spent the past few weeks trying to get everything ready to go – and haven’t been focusing on any goals. The first half of July will be spent just enjoying life and preparing for our wonderful vacation…. BUT when we get back from vacation there is definitely some work that needs to be done.

What Have I Accomplished

It is extremely important to look back on what you have accomplished && give yourself a pat on the back. This allows you to recognize that you have been working hard && pushes you to finish the year strong. When I quickly look back on the year, it is easy to say, “man I haven’t quite accomplished anything”. This is easy to do, especially when you are working on non-physical items in your life. When I really dive in deep, looking at each month’s goals and comparing where I started this year to where I currently stand – I found the below items successful.

  • I paid off my credit card debt
  • We moved to our dream home
  • We made $$ on our first home
  • Built up our savings to 3 months expenses
  • Created savings plan with our Financial Advisor to build up to 6 months
  • Rolled over previous employers 401k into current employers
  • Upped my 401k Contribution
  • Created a Cleaning Routine
  • Created a 5 workouts per week habit
Areas To Work On
  • Spending less money on pointless items (I got a little spending happy for vacation)
  • Being more consistent with my dairy free life
  • Nutrition in general
  • Stick to posting plan created each month
  • Find a new lifting routine
My Game Plan

When I get back from vacation (probably on the long long drive back to reality) I will make a detailed game plan so I can continue to accomplish great things in the coming months. Typically, I will do this by looking at what habits I am wanting to create and what bad habits I need to break. I will focus on a max of 3 different things each month. I personally like to take 1 item from each of the most important categories in my life, health & fitness, personal development, and my blog. This is my way of not focusing only on one aspect of my life.

I encourage all of you to take the next few weeks to look deep into what you have accomplished this year so far and how those items stack up to your goals. This gives you some time to realign your life to meet your 2019 goals by the end of the year.

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  • Ana

    I love this article! Taking time to reflect on how far you’ve come is so important, especially for the over achievers out there who always feel like they’re not doing enough. Thank you for the reminder!

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