Food Prep vs Meal Prep
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Food Prep VS. Meal Prep

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I have been on my health and fitness journey for the past year. During this time, I have been learning different ways to make eating healthy quick and easy. I have found there are essentially two diffrent ways to prepare your food for the week ahead. Meal Prepping and Food Prepping are very similar, but there are a few differences. In the Health and Fitness industry, Meal prepping is hyped up a lot, but personally, I prefer Food Prepping instead.

I love to mix it up and use a bit of meal prepping and food prepping each week to diversify what is in my fridge. When I have a variety of easily accessible healthy foods in my fridge, I am more likely to eat well.

Meal Prep

I find myself preferring to meal prep when I have found a meal that I know I will eat time and time again. This is a way I can really be sure that the meal I prepared wouldn’t go to waste. There was a point in my healthy journey where I would meal prep a bunch of meals during the week – and they would still be in my fridge at the end of the week. By mixing meal prepping and food prepping together each week, I found a way to eliminate the food waste. Here are a few of my personal favorite meal prepping recipes

Food Prep

Food Prep is as simple as it seems. I prep a few healthy foods that I can keep in the fridge and grab when I am getting hungry. This gives me some healthy options to choose over the junk food in our house. This is also a way to have some foods prepped to make a meal easily.

  • Washing Grapes, Strawberries
  • Rinsing Lettuce & Spinach
  • Cutting up Zucchini, Cucumbers
  • Grilling BBQ Chicken
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Carrots and dip

Do you prefer meal prep or food prep? Do you do a mixture of both? Let me know below.

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Food Prep vs. Meal Prep

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