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How To Create A Morning Routine

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If you have been following me on Insta, I have been creating my ideal morning routine for the past two months. This post has actually been sitting in my drafts for the past two months. The draft was created when I started to look at what I wanted my morning routine to consist of. I struggled for weeks to come up with a routine I could master, and I won’t lie – it was hard to get started.

Where I started

My morning routine was non-existent. I woke up, threw myself together for the day – and left on my hour commute. Half of the time I would forget something I needed – or not get my lunch / gym bag packed on time. Honestly, every morning was started poorly and it ultimately determined how my day was going to go. I was tired of having bad days. Plain and simple.

How To Choose What Is In Your Routine

Don’t overcomplicate this step. Choose just a couple items that will make your day more enjoyable, help improve your morning mood, or little tasks you can get done before work.

For me, stretching / yoga makes my body feel better during the day. Drinking some water and having my smoothie before my commute wakes me up and gets me ready for my hour drive.

These tasks are completely up to you – and two morning routines will not look the same.

My Current Routine

When I created my morning routine, I decided to keep it simple. This way I could look forward to my mornings and enjoy the time I have to myself. I decided to take the approach of not setting certain time limits for each task – as the time it takes to complete it could vary each day. Instead, I set up a block of time to complete my items – then at a specific time, I get ready for my day. If there happen to be a few items I don’t get done each day, I will pick them up when I get home.

  • 7AM – Wake Up
  • 7:45 – Get Ready for Work
  • 8:00 – Leave the house
How To Get Started

Write It Down. Make a list of items you want to get done, then prioritize. Ask yourself these questions… Am I trying to do too much? Do I have enough time? How is this task benefiting my morning?

Do you have a morning routine? Let me know what yours looks like in the comments below!

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Create a Morning Routine

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