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The Top 3 Platforms for Personal Growth

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If you have been following me for a bit – then you know, I am a HUGE believer in personal development and continuous personal growth. I fell in love with personal growth when I was seeking non-medicinal help for my anxiety. A few anxiety specific personal growth books were added to my Christmas list a few years ago – and the rest was history. Timelines are a bit fuzzy for me, but this was either Christmas ’16 or ’17.

I quickly became obsessed with gaining more knowledge. There is so much information out there – it can sometimes get overwhelming. I found if I narrowed down the subject I was wanting to learn about first, I could find some top-seller books and podcast episodes that fit into the subject. This world provides us with copious amounts of free information out in the world wide web, & it can be a resource to those who are on a tight budget.


Podcasts are probably my favorite way to learn. This is because each podcast contains concentrated information on any subject you could imagine. If you can find a great podcast, even the fluff can help you learn and grow.

My favorite podcasts are from my girl Rach. If you are new here – Rach is my biggest inspiration. She captivates all of the qualities and behaviors that I strive to achieve in my business and as a (future) mother. [Mom, if your reading this, no I’m not pregnant]

Rise by Rachel Hollis

Rise is a podcast available on many platforms. (My link above is to Spotify – which is my favorite way to listen). Rach takes time to give some bits of knowledge herself, interviews fellow bad-ass business individuals, and even gives us access to previous taping of Rise Conferences, book chapters, and other speaking gigs she has done. Most episodes range from 40-55 minutes, which is the perfect length for my commute.

Rise Together by Rachel & Dave Hollis

This podcast is another great way to be inspired by Rach. With this podcast, Rach and her husband, Dave sit and talk about everything you would want to know about relationships. I love this podcast because J and I use it to spark conversations on topics we have never talked about – or never knew how to start ourselves. We use this podcast as a tool to give us an exceptional relationship. I typically listen to the podcasts on my commute – and if I find any bits of information I believe we could benefit to listen to together, we will listen together when I get home.

Audible Books

This is a fairly new medium for personal development for me. I first started using audible with Rach’s first personal growth book; “Girl, Wash Your Face”. I LOVE listening to books narrated by the author. So when her second book of the series came out, “Girl, Stop Apologizing” – I had to get it on audible as well.

By listening to books on audible during my commute, I can get through a book in a week. I am currently looking for new audible books to listen to. The idea of an audible book appeals to me, because it is less material items I have to keep in our house. I am a sucker for digital content and keeping our home clutter-free.


My personal development journey started with physical books. When I first started, I received around 7 personal growth books in different areas. The only problem? I have struggled to sit down and read them. I find that it is hard to quiet my mind down long enough to read a book thoroughly. It takes a deep concentration to read a book and absorb the information – which I haven’t yet mastered. I am constantly looking to improve myself – and this is definitely something I want to get better at in the future.

Do you currently practice regular personal growth? What is your favorite platform to consume this knowledge? Let me know below!!

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Top Platforms for Personal Growth

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