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5 Simple Self Care Methods

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If you know me, you know that I take self-care very seriously. If you can’t take care of yourself regularly – how do you think you can keep up with everyday life? I am constantly on the grind between my full time position, weight lifting five days a week, running this blog, and somehow tending to my relationships in my life. When I start to get overwhelmed and overly stressed, I turn to one thing. Self Care.

Self Care can look differently for each person since it is about taking care of YOURSELF. So what may help de-stress and relax Cindy over there may not help you at all. This is why I wanted to create this post – to help educate you on the different methods of self care so you can create your own self care routine that will work for you.

Method #1 – Exercise

I am the biggest advocate on the impact of exercise on your mental health. For me, getting in a workout helps clear my mind and focus on the important items in my life. When I am feeling extra stressed or in a bad mood – the perfect medicine is exercise.

This can be as simple as a walk around your neighborhood or an intense lifting session at the gym. Any type of exercise can pump you full of hormones that lift your spirits and help you become less stressed.

Method #2 – Personal Development

GUYS. If you aren’t practicing personal growth and development, you are missing the opportunity of a lifetime. For me, personal growth is the one way I can improve my weaknesses and become my best self. Learning about how others do certain things and handle different areas of their life is very inspirational to me.

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Personal development looks different to everyone. My suggestion? Find an area of your life you want to improve or want to gain more knowledge on and look for influencers, motivational speakers, or books that revolve around your topic. For me? I’ve been focused on improving my mental health and breaking the limiting beliefs that I have developed over the years.

Method #3 – Meditation and Stretching

I have only recently began practicing this method. Within the past month, I have started using guided podcasts to help meditate and manifest my goals. This has helped me gain clarity into what I need to focus on and what steps to take in order to get there.

As for stretching – I introduced a quick yoga flow morning and night to help take care of my back. I started seeing a chiropractor monthly in January and it has been so beneficial for my back and neck pain. To supplement my appointments, I stretch out my back and neck with yoga and foam rolling morning and night. If you have an office job, or have tension in your back each day – I highly recommend introducing this into your daily routine. I am in a better mood and have one less thing to worry about when my back feels healthy.

Method #4 – Journaling

I have recently fallen in love with journaling. I try to journal each day – but I will admit, I can sometimes fall behind. The type of journaling that has helped me the most is gratitude journaling. I found this method from my girl Rach. She recently released a journal of her own, and I had to buy it. The Start Today Journal‘s are so cute and I’m fully obsessed. I find that my passion and focus is directed more towards my goals when I complete her journal each day. You list 5 things you are grateful for, 10 dreams you want to accomplish, and the one dream you are focused on at this very moment.

When I first started practicing self care, I simply used journaling to get all of my emotions out. I would sit, start a timer, and just write whatever came into my mind. That’s essentially how I started this blog.

Kinda cool, right?

Method #5 – Spa Day

The final method has less to do about mental health – and more of just having time to yourself. When I feel overwhelemed emotionally – a nice hot bubble bath, is one my first go-to’s. For me, taking a long bath, doing facials, paying attention to my skin and body are ways to make me feel relaxed and helps me with my self love. This method isn’t a cure all activity – but it helps you relax a bit and take a step back from your busy life. My favorite Spa Day activity? A hot bath with plenty of salts, bubbles, and delicious scents.

I have partnered with a local business who specializes in the perfect spa day products. Fizzle Bathizzle makes their own bath bombs, body scrubs, and bath bomb dust. Lisa and her son make these wonderful creations themselves and tag their local business as, “Kid Inspired, Mother Approved”. The best thing about all of their products? They are kid safe and use 100% essential oils.

Lisa from Fizzle Bathizzle is such an amazing, caring, genuine woman who I am so fortunate to work with. She graciously provided me with some of her products to share with you all. My favorite product to try was the body polish – with one use in the shower, my legs were silky smooth for days. Their bath bombs did not disappoint either! Their kid-focused bath bombs even contain a little surprise for your kiddos.

You can check out Fizzle Bathizzle on Facebook or Instagram. If you are local to Indianapolis, you can check out her products at Mercantile 37. There are a few exciting milestones coming for Fizzle Bathizzle in October – including a new website and packaged ‘Mommy and Me’ deals. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated!!

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5 Methods of Self Care

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