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Are You Ready? A Must Do List For #Last90Days


The Last 90 Days challenge is here. Are you ready? Are you excited? I have been preparing for this challenge the past two weeks and can’t believe it is finally here!

The Last 90 Days is a FREE challenge put on by Rachel Hollis and her team. She works with us via email and social media to help us end 2019 strong and start 2020 with healthy habits. I am using this challenge to get myself back on track to accomplish my goals. The holiday season is so busy for me and this challenge will give me a bit of structure during this time.

Do you want to join the #hollisco army in the Last 90 Days challenge? Check out how to join here.

Must Do
  • Choose a food category to give up
  • Write out your “Why” for participating in the #last90days
  • Write your end goal to accomplish during the #last90days
  • Grab a reusable water bottle
  • Plan how you will complete the “Five to Thrive”
  • Print #last90days tracker
  • Determine how you will move your body each day.
  • Keep your “Start Today Journal” in a known and easily accessible place

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The Last 90 Days challenge

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