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5 Tips For Hosting The Holidays Like A Pro

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Are you hosting the holidays for your family this year? Are you a newbie host? This holiday season I wanted to spread my tips on how to become a great host. Hosting for the holidays can be a stressful event, but with a few ways to plan ahead – this year will be a breeze.

I am hosting my first Thanksgiving this year. EEEK! With our new home, we have the space to host my mom, stepdad, and sisters. Within the past two years, I have found I love to host & plan parties. I was able to host my sisters Bridal Shower & our Mother’s Day celebration. I am thankful I’m able to move our Thanksgiving Holiday to our home to get the stress of hosting off my mother’s plate. She has been putting on a wonderful Thanksgiving for years and it is time for her to take a back seat and enjoy the ride.

Here are a few tips below that will make this holiday season one to remember!

Make a Grocery List


One thing my mom has instilled in us, is shopping ahead of time for Thanksgiving. The grocery stores are a MADHOUSE the closer we get to Thanksgiving & I do not want to partake in a last minute trip. With the help of my mom, I will make a list of groceries during the first week of November. This will give me a few weeks to pick up everything on our list. If we can get all of the shopping done ahead of time, this will be a great stress relief…

Don’t Forget About Entertaining Your Guests

While you are cooking, it is imperative your guests have things to keep them busy! Especially if you DON’T want them in the kitchen. My best advice is to have multiple spaces for your guest to occupy their time. This will relieve your guests from feeling cramped in your home during the hours you are cooking. When hosting the holidays, you are committing to give your best effort in not only cooking, but also entertaining your guests.

One way I will be doing this is by having a space to watch TV and chill, as well as a space to hang out & play board games. This will hopefully please all types of guests (some only want to watch TV – while some would like to engage in conversations).

Clean In Advance

I am a huge advocate on creating a cleaning routine for your home. This way, when you are hosting the holidays or have guests coming over – you don’t have to rush and do a top to bottom cleaning. I keep my home clean throughout the week so when we have guests over, there is only a small list to complete.

One way to get my cleaning done is advance is by making a list of items needing cleaned about a week and a half before the event. I will start by getting the deep cleaning done the weekend before the event. I will use the week before to keep up on my day to day cleaning tasks.

Check out my post on creating a cleaning routine to help establish a routine within your cleaning regimen.

Make an Oven / Stove-Top Schedule

I don’t know about you, but in our family – we enjoy a lot of yummy recipes. With that being said, there are so many different cooking times and temperatures & if we don’t think this through, it will get hectic.

Since Thanksgiving is now at our home, I will now be the one in charge of when different recipes need to be put in, & at what temperature. I’m the type of person that like everything to be written down in advance.. I will sit down with all of the recipes and make a schedule to make sure everything is put in on time. This will alleviate the need to guess when different dishes need to be started.

Remember To Have Fun & Relax

You don’t want to be a stressed out host – you want to enjoy your time during the event too. Holidays are fun times to enjoy family company. While cooking up an entire meal can be stressful, it is important to remember your why you are all gathered together. There will be things that undoubtedly go wrong & there will 100% be family members that get on your nerves. Try your best to brush it off and be grateful you have the opportunity to host your family in your home.

Try To Remember…

The holidays are not the time to get caught up in have the most fabulous table runners or party favors. Focus on the family that is surrounding you and enjoying the time together. Everyone’s life is crazy busy, and time is going by faster than you can imagine. Share stories, hopes, & dreams. Talk about your favorite sports team. There are so many ways to connect to the ones around this holiday without being caught up with the Jones’.

I love finding inspo for new recipes and holiday decor from Pinterest. Follow me on Pinterest to see a few of my favorite things.

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