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8 Habits to STOP in 2020

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In the past few weeks, I have been reflecting on 2019 quite heavily as one does this time of year. Personally, I took a step back from social media the past three weeks and it has brought all kinds of clarity to my life. I felt overwhelmed and did not know what direction I wanted to go. I was comparing myself to every blogger I saw on my feed and I was consumed with the thought that I was not doing enough. It left me mentally drained and I was starting to see bad habits and feelings forming in my life.

During this time of no social media, I really took my free time to think and journal to determine what I wanted out of life. I set the internal goal to delete my social apps and to not download them again until 2020. I looked at where my life was going and if I needed to realign any bad habits. The answer was YES, of course. The timing for this social media cleanse was impeccable as I was only days away from a two week vacation from my full time position. This means I had 14 whole days to think and analyze. I took a lot of notes and set out the majority off my free time to work through my thoughts and figure out where I wanted to land. This helped me tremendously when setting my goals and aspirations for 2020.

While doing all of this, I found there were a handful of items that I got into the BAD habit of doing this year. I wanted to share the 8 things I will be trying with all my might to stop doing in 2020 – and I think you should too.

Habits to Stop

Fearing Change
Living in the Past
Trying to Please Everyone
Being Afraid to be Different
Thinking You Have No Purpose
Thinking You Are Not Good Enough
Sacrificing Your Happiness For Others

Right now is the best time to take a look at your bad habits. I challenge you to take time out of your busy day to stop and reevaluate your habits. Is there anything you should cut out of your life? Are all of your habits supporting your goals for 2020?

Do you struggle with fixing bad habits? Take a look at how I set monthly goals in order to create good, healthy habits.

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8 Habits to Stop in 2020

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