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Six Tips to Save BIG Money on Your Grocery Bill

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One aspect of our lives I have worked so hard on in 2019 is cleaning up our grocery bill. I stumbled upon Jordan Page’s budgeting tips. She does offer a paid budgeting boot camp – but honestly, you can find a lot of free tips and tricks on her website and YouTube channel.

While I didn’t implement her budget exactly how she does it, she gave me a few steps to get my own budget up and running. This is one of my favorite things about creating a budget. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. You get to pick and choose what methods and tools you use to make it work for your family.

6 Tips to Lower Your Grocery Bill

Meal Plan

I have been transformed into an avid meal planner. I sit down each Friday and plan out the meals we are going to have for the following week. In doing this, I have an arsenal of favorite meals and like to sprinkle in a few new recipes throughout the month. I started back in August meal planning each week and will NEVER go back.

Check Your Pantry Before Making Your Grocery Trip

Keeping your pantry clean and orderly helps you quickly see what items you have. After I make a meal plan for the week, I like to take a peek into my pantry to see what I have already on hand. This way I am not buying duplicates or unnecessary supplies. This has lowered our grocery bill by only purchasing the items we clearly need and will use.

Stop Buying Name Brand Goods

This is one thing I struggled with when I first started buying groceries. In my mind, if I could afford the name brands – why not buy them? I quickly realized name brand foods are not all they are talked up to be. Often name brand goods are the exact same as store brands. If using this method throughout an entire grocery trip, this adds up to a lot of savings. There are a few items I love and will not buy store brand – but you have to find balance between name brands and store brands.

Stop Buying Prepackaged Snacks

I must admit, I never really hopped onto the prepackaged snack train. This is probably due to the fact that I only buy groceries for my fiancé and I. Prepackaged snacks do make packing lunches easier and give your kids a quick and easy snack to grab from the pantry. I recognize this and empathize with parents providing for their kids. I challenge you with this: Buy your snacks for one week not packaged and use small plastic baggies or reusable baggies to make your own packaged snacks. How much money did you save? Is it worth the inconvenience of having to package them yourself? If you are trying to cut down your budget and have tried everything else – give this a try and see what happens. It never hurts to try.

Grocery Pickup

Ya’ll I have talked about this before, but grocery pickup has changed my life. With grocery pickup, I was able to cut how much we were spending on groceries just by not going into the store. Each Friday night, I order all of our groceries online (except produce) and pick them up Saturday morning. We have seen about $50-$75 in savings EACH WEEK. I was an impulse buyer in the grocery store, but by ordering my groceries, I only pick up what is needed for our planned meals. The one downfall of grocery pickup is not trusting the workers with my produce. I am super picky, so I end up going into the store to pickup a few items of produce each week. Luckily, since produce is in the front – I don’t get sidetracked by the rest of the store.

Only Go To The Store Once A Week

When I first read this tip, I thought Jordan Page was crazy. There was no way I could only go to the store once a week. Before meal planning, I was a going to the store at least three times a week. I would have a craving for a certain type of food for dinner and run to the store after work. This meant we were spending way too much money on groceries. By following my meal plan each week, this eliminates the need to go to the store multiple times a week. Occasionally, I may make a pit stop to pick up more produce, but I am getting better at predicting our needs.

If you are struggling with your grocery budget – I suggest you give these tips a try. If you are wanting to ease into it, I would choose one tip to use each month. This way you can really tell what ones are affecting your budget.

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6 Tips to save big money on your grocery bill

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