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4 Tips For Spring Cleaning!

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The time we have all been waiting for is coming! Spring is my favorite time of year because there is finally some sunlight after a long winter. Personally, I love the time of spring where we can open the windows and air out the house while not freezing ourselves out. Letting fresh air and nature into our home gives me joy each year.

I wanted to put together a few essentials spots in your home to tackle this year with spring cleaning. This will help you enjoy your home better throughout the year and take a bit of stress off your plate.

Space #1: Closets

Hall / Linen Closets

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to reorganize and clean out your hall / linen closets. We have one hall closet downstairs and one linen closet upstairs. For our hall closet, we mainly store coats, outdoor accessories (hats, gloves, scarfs), and work bags. When I clean out this closet, I will take everything out and wipe down the hanging rod and shelves. I then sweep the floor and if there are any spills on the tile, I will quickly mop as well. When I put all of the items back into the closet, I look at each item to make we still need or want it. Anything I don’t want will be donated.

For our linen closet, it takes a bit more time because it is larger and houses more items. Our linen closet is where we keep extra towels and sheets as well as some medical / first aid supplies. For the two of us, this closet is huge but I know once our family expands, we will for sure be able to fill it up. I like to go through each of our medical / first aid supplies and check expirations dates. This way we know the items we have on hand are still usable. I will clean out our linen closet the same method as the hall closets listed above.

Bedroom Closets

For bedroom closets, I like to take every single item (even non-clothing items) out of the closet. This way I can fully clean the closet without anything in the way. A few touch points I make sure to clean: the clothes rack, dust the walls and baseboards, sweep the floor, and spray the closet with an air / room freshener. After cleaning, I will look at each item before putting it back into the closet – this way, I do not put anything back in that I will not use. I take this time to declutter my clothes and accessories. If there is anything in my closet that does not belong – I will make sure to put it in the correct location.

Space #2: Pantry

Spring is the perfect time to take every item out of your pantry and check expiration dates. I like to do this every six months so that my stock of shelf stable items is accurate and usable. When I check expiration dates, I will take everything out of the pantry, wipe down the shelves, and put back items to use up first in front. The most important thing to remember when organizing your pantry, is to make sure it works for you. For example, my fiancé often forgets what we have to snack on / breakfast foods unless it is eye level for him. I always have an idea of what is in the pantry (since I do the grocery shopping), so I work around his needs.

Space #3: Under the Sinks

This space is probably the easiest BUT the grossest area to clean. This year marks the one year anniversary of moving into our new home AND this spring I tackled the one area I hadn’t touched yet. Under the kitchen sink. Yuck. I pulled everything out that I had stored under the sink, then swept out the entire area. To be honest, it wasn’t as bad as expected but definitely some cobwebs and dirt. After a good sweep, I used a multi-purpose spray to get any surface stains off of the wood. When I was putting everything back under the sink, I paid attention to if the product really needed to be under the sink, or if there was another area in the house I should store it. I was able to clear my kitchen sink and narrowed it down to only the essentials.

Space #4: Office Desk

I never realized the importance of having a clear and organized desk at home until I started working remote twice a week. In September of 2019, my company graciously allowed me to work remote twice a week to cut down on my two hour daily round trip commute. During this transition, I got my desk at home organized. However, it wasn’t until the recent virus pandemic where we were required to work remote each day that I truly understood what an organized desk looked like for me. I took a look at my desk drawer and determined what items could be moved somewhere else, and what items I needed to be productive throughout my day. Here are a few items I included in my desk necessities:

  • Morning Vitamins and Medication
  • Lotion
  • Chapstick
  • Hair Tie
  • Headphones
  • Whiteout
  • Post-it’s
  • Screen Cleaner
  • Notepad

I keep a few bigger items on the top of my desk as well. These are:

  • Lamp
  • Pen/Pencil Holder
  • Journal
  • Current Book of Choice
  • Monthly Calendar

For me, spring cleaning is all about getting a fresh start in the year. I love to see items I no longer use leaving the home so I can feel refreshed and organized in my space. Who doesn’t love a good declutter haul?! I sometimes begin to wonder where in the heck I got all of this STUFF. One of my goals going forward is to bring less stuff into my life & only buy items that will improve my life. Less clutter in my home = less clutter in my mind.

What are your go-to areas in your home for spring cleaning?

Spring Cleaning

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