• daily commuter
    Tips and Tricks

    How I Stay Prepared As A Daily Commuter

    Hi loves❤️ As most of ya’ll know – I am a daily commuter. I have been commuting since I entered the work force. Currently, I have a 2 hour round trip three days a week. Luckily, I have a current agreement with my company that allows me to work remote twice a week. Even with my remote agreement, I’m still on the road SIX hours a week – just to get to & from work. This doesn’t include any errands I run throughout the week. As a type 1 on the enneagram scale, I am a very prepared person. I try to have everything in order well in advance. So,…

  • Valentine's Day

    10 Valentine’s Day DIY’s

    Hi loves❤️ This year I am getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit! When Jordan and I started dating, we were all about this special day. We were both still in high school, but each year we would find something fun to do. From heart shaped pizzas to balloons & flowers we always found a way to celebrate. There are so many happy times wrapped up in this holiday. Time has gotten away from us the past couple years as we are now adults in the workforce. It has been challenging to set out time to make these plans and follow through. This year, we are settled in our new home…

  • habits to stop
    Personal Growth

    8 Habits to STOP in 2020

    Hi loves❤️ In the past few weeks, I have been reflecting on 2019 quite heavily as one does this time of year. Personally, I took a step back from social media the past three weeks and it has brought all kinds of clarity to my life. I felt overwhelmed and did not know what direction I wanted to go. I was comparing myself to every blogger I saw on my feed and I was consumed with the thought that I was not doing enough. It left me mentally drained and I was starting to see bad habits and feelings forming in my life. During this time of no social media,…

  • How to Set New Year Aspirations
    Personal Growth

    How to Set Aspirations for the New Year

    Hi loves❤️ Welcome to 2O20!! I am so excited to start out this new year and can’t wait to see what all will happen this year. Have you set your 2020 goals and aspirations yet? It’s not too late to get those lists started. Today I wanted to share a bit about how I go about targeting my goals and aspirations at the beginning of a new year. The first things to know about me, is that I HATE making New Year resolutions. Why? Because more times than not, these resolutions are not followed through after the first 30 days of the new year. INSTEAD I like to set yearly…

  • The Cheesiest Hash Brown Casserole

    The Cheesiest Hash Brown Casserole

    Hi loves❤️ One of my favorite activities since entering the workforce as an adult are the pitch-ins at work. At my current company, our team tries to have one pitch in a month. Sometimes, it is more like once a quarter – but hey we try. LOL. I have been selected as the pitch-in caption on our team, meaning I try to come up with different themes, schedule the pitch-in, and send out the sign-up list. All Hail Pinterest I found this delicious recipe when I was looking for a quick pitch-in food I could bring into work. I had forgotten all about the pitch-in until the night before and…

  • Sugar Cookies

    Soft & Chewy Sugar Cookies – Perfect for Decorating

    Hi loves❤️ For me personally, my favorite time to bake is the when the temperature starts to drop here in Indiana. I love when the kitchen is filled with warm air from the oven and I can relax by trying a new Pinterest recipe. One of my top missions this year was to find the BEST sugar cookie recipe. Good news? After months of searching, I have finally found it. This recipe was originally found on Pinterest. I tried out a few recipes before in the past couple of years but none of them can top this recipe. When these cookies came out of the oven, I won’t lie –…

  • budgeting for beginners
    Tips and Tricks

    Budgeting For Beginners

    Hi loves❤️ Welcome back to my budgeting series. In this post, I want to share the budgeting method that helped me pay off $5,000+ in credit card debt. I don’t want to mislead you all – so I will say this loud and clear. It took a lot of effort, research, and documentation to prepare for this budget. I had to look deep into our debt, our current bills & monetary responsibilities, & our income. The Simple Method The budgeting method I used combined a few different techniques together. I liked the concept of the debt snowball & the Dave Ramsey principles – but neither of those strategies fit my…

  • Host Holidays
    Tips and Tricks

    5 Tips For Hosting The Holidays Like A Pro

    Hi loves❤️ Are you hosting the holidays for your family this year? Are you a newbie host? This holiday season I wanted to spread my tips on how to become a great host. Hosting for the holidays can be a stressful event, but with a few ways to plan ahead – this year will be a breeze. I am hosting my first Thanksgiving this year. EEEK! With our new home, we have the space to host my mom, stepdad, and sisters. Within the past two years, I have found I love to host & plan parties. I was able to host my sisters Bridal Shower & our Mother’s Day celebration.…