• 3 Ingredient DIY Laundry Soap

    3 Ingredient DIY Laundry Soap

    Hi loves❤️ One of my favorite things Jordan’s Mom taught me, was how to make my own laundry soap. I am incredibly thankful for this because it has saved us an astronomical amount of money. When I first started making my own laundry soap, Jordan and I had just moved out on our own, and were both in college. I started by only making a single batch because we did not have much space to store a double batch at the time. This DIY is for a double batch of laundry soap. This can typically last me 6 to 9 months. Our household is just two of us, with the…

  • Beauty Blender Comparison - Clean Versus Dirty

    DIY Beauty Blender Hack

    Hi loves ❤ One of my biggest struggles is staying on top of cleaning my make-up brushes. A few months back, I saw a beauty blender cleaning hack and I just had to try it. The article determined that this hack would eliminate some time it takes to clean your beauty bender. The article I followed is here. What you need: Dirty Beauty Blender Bowl Water Olive Oil Dish Soap Instructions: Mix in 2 tablespoons of olive oil and dish soap in a bowl. Cover the dirty beauty blender in the above mixture. Massage the mixture into the beauty blender Massage the beauty blender under warm water. Repeat the above steps…

  • Make Your Own Starbucks Iced Tea

    Make Your Own Starbucks Iced Tea

    Hi loves ❤ I love Starbucks as much as the next person, but man oh man – my budget does not. I am a HUGE sucker for their Iced Green Tea and could have one each and every day.  I have been looking for an alternative for Starbucks, for months and it finally dawned on me. What if I told you there is a way to still have your daily tea consumption WITHOUT spending way too much money at Starbucks? Ya’ll – Make Your Own Iced Tea It is so simple, but can save tons of money in a months time. One thing that really helped me get into this…

  • Up Cycle Candles

    DIY Up-Cycle Candles

    Hi loves❤️ As you all probably know now I LOVE a good DIY. I have an obsession with candles and go through them so quickly. I use them when I take a bubble bath and before I go to bed. I have a tiny secret…. (I may have an entire drawer full of brand new candles) Different scents for different seasons, moods, and occasions. Something I learned from my mother-in-law, Melissa, is how to give candle jars a new life. Since she taught me how to do this, I have been re-purposing candles each time they run out. You can find glass jars all around our house. I wanted to…

  • Loofah Soap

    DIY Loofah Soap!

    Hi loves ❤ This DIY is inspired by a DIY account on Facebook. Take a look at the video that inspired me. I immediately thought, “I could totally make that DIY”. I challenged myself on step further and tried to find more natural products to use. Some of the things I looked for on Amazon were materials that were high quality without chemicals (mainly applies to the soap). A pack of natural loofahs Two pounds of Cocoa Butter Soap Base A spool of white cotton twine. I spent $27 total which is not bad for the quantity of loofah soaps that can be made with the supplies. I received enough…