• Journey with Budgeting
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    My Journey with Budgeting

    Hi loves❤️ Throughout my teen years and early adulthood – I always heard negative comments & vibes about budgeting and finances. I looked at finances as a scary monster in the corner that no one should look at. I thought, I’m paying my bills on time AND I still have money leftover. I must be doing fine. Boy was I wrong. I have always known about credit cards – and opened my first one when I was starting at Purdue. I opened my first credit card to build my credit. It was all sunshine and rainbows until about my junior year of college. Jordan and I had just got our…

  • Cute Fur Babies
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    Say Hello to Our Cute Fur Babies!

    Hi loves ❤️ I know I have been a little MIA here on my blog during the month of March. If you follow me on social media, you know that recently my fiance and I moved cities. We found our DREAM home and decided to take the plunge of moving. Things are starting to calm back down as we get all settled in and put our old home up on the market. If you want to see more about our move, check out my insta or facebook. I wanted to take a few minutes out of my day to just share some adorable pictures of our fur babies. Say hello…

  • Goodbye 23, Hello 24
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    Goodbye 23, Hello 24!

    24 years old. I remember being 18 like it was yesterday – but here I am, 24 and thriving. Wow. I can’t believe another year is over. I feel like the last 12 months just flew by. This year came with a whirlwind of emotions. Some relationships have strengthen a great bit, but some have dried up. I’m still on the journey of discovering myself and what I want in life, but this year that journey has become more clear. Jordan and I have gone through so much this year yet still accomplished SO MANY good things. I wanted to write this blog in order to reflect on all the…

  • G-Eazy Concert
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    Our Chicago Trip

    Hi loves ❤ Jordan and I recently took a mini-vacation to Chicago. We had such a blast. We planned this trip around a concert I bought J tickets to for Christmas. We booked Lucy into her favorite place to be when we go out of town, Pet Palace. The girls love her there, and she loves getting to play with the rest of the doggies. We both took time off from work, and pack the car up and headed north. We left Friday afternoon, and spent Friday night through Sunday morning in Chicago. We arrived in the windy city with one thing to accomplish: enjoy ourselves. Friday We left our…

  • Kate's Life Blog
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    Welcome to Kate’s Life Blog!

    Welcome to Kate’s Life Blog Hi loves ❤ I am so glad you are here visiting my blog. I have been working so hard on creating this blog and the content on it for the past month – and I am excited to share this all with you. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed writing until I was out of college and didn’t HAVE to write anymore. I love to get my thoughts down on paper and share them will you all. Now that you are here, you are officially part of the Kate’s Life Fam. How Did This Idea Get Planted Into My Head?? Well of course how…