• Mid Year Check-In
    Monthly Goals

    Mid Year Check-In

    Hi loves❤️ We have officially approached the middle of 2019. It is crazy to think that we are halfway through the year && halfway done with the summer months. This month I wanted to look back on a few of the goals I have achieved this year – and identify a few areas I can put in a little more work. This month we will be going on vacation and we are super excited. I have spent the past few weeks trying to get everything ready to go – and haven’t been focusing on any goals. The first half of July will be spent just enjoying life and preparing for…

  • June Goals
    Monthly Goals

    June Goals

    Hi loves, This month I wanted to do something a little different with my goals. Check out my previous posts to see what my goals have looked like this year! Typically, I focus on measurable goals each month, but I wanted to focus on a few goals in June that are less measurable and more valuable in my life. I have worked extremely hard on my mental health and recently, noticed that a few negative thoughts and habits have creeped back into my life. A new month is the perfect time to focus on getting my mental health back on track. Practice Personal Development EVERY day. One of my favorite…

  • May Goals
    Monthly Goals

    May Goals

    Hi loves❤️ Ya’ll – we are in MAY already. Can you believe it? I certainly cannot. I feel like just yesterday I was putting up the Christmas tree – and here we are. A couple of days ago I showed you how to set up monthly goals for yourself, so I thought it was it was only fair to share my own goals. For my May Goals, I am focusing on three key areas – Life, Health and Fitness, and My Blog. I choose these areas based on what is going on in my life each month. This month I am really focused on creating routines and habits that will…

  • April Goals
    Monthly Goals

    April Goals

    Hi loves❤️ It’s that time again. April is here!! I am so excited to see where April takes me this month. We are now living in our new house and our first home is almost on the market. We are enjoying living in Lafayette – and in just two weeks’ time we are getting to spend more time together. This month I want to focus on getting back into my routine. During the move my schedule and habits were diminished and I was left in late March scrambling to make it through. Some of my goals in April are along the same lines of the goals I set in February,…

  • February Goals
    Monthly Goals

    February Goals

    Hi loves ❤ I can’t believe we are already in month two of 2019. January flew by for me personally, but I accomplished so many important things last month. I am ready to take on another month with a new set of goals. February is a HUGE month for me! I am setting the expectations high and plan on achieving all of my goals. Financial Goals The one financial goal I want to work on this month is my guilty pleasure….. Starbucks. I spent more money than I should have last month on Starbucks. My goal for February? Only one Starbucks trip per week. Health and Fitness Goals Complete my…

  • January Goals
    Monthly Goals

    January Goals

    Hi loves ❤ I can’t believe January is already here!! I feel like the holidays came and went so fast. It was nice to enjoy so much time at home during the holidays. It’s officially time to set my monthly goals and publish them for the world to see. I used to be so fearful to put my goals out in the world because what if – I DON’T MEET MY GOALS?! *Crowd Gasps* But here’s the thing I discovered, if you don’t achieve your goals – WORK HARDER. Work harder by setting goals that are realistic. Make a plan that includes specific steps to achieve your goals. You have to…

  • Prepare to Slay
    Monthly Goals

    End of Year Goals

    Hi loves ❤ I can hardly believe that there are only a few weeks left of 2018. This year has gone by so quickly. Since starting my fitness journey in July I try to have a few goals each month to keep myself accountable. Each month they vary, based on what I am trying to focus on for that month. Since the start of the Holidays I have been coasting with my health and fitness. I have been working out consistently, however; my eating has been so-so. I am proud that I have not given up, but instead just maintaining my current weight. This is where my end of year…