• Successful Vacation
    Tips and Tricks

    Tips and Tricks for A Successful Vacation

    Hi loves❤️ It is officially vacation season. We are so excited to be leaving for our beach vacation in just a few short days. This is our first vacation in THREE years. We are so excited to spend our days and nights poolside in Florida. In celebration of our vacation – I wanted to share a few Road Trip Hacks. We will be driving about 13 hours straight to our destination. Luckily, we will be leaving in the wee hours of the morning so most of the trip – I will be snoozing. To make these tips a little easier to navigate, I have decided to divide them into a…

  • birthday freebies
    Tips and Tricks

    Birthday Freebies!!

    Hi loves❤️ Today I am celebrating my 25th birthday! Where has time gone?!?! One of the things I look forward to the most on my birthday is my free drink I can get from Starbucks. I have honestly been thinking about it since the moment I woke up this morning. With Starbucks you can order whatever drink, whatever size, with whatever additions you want. FOR FREE. Only if you are an rewards member. This sparked an idea today to do a little research and find what freebies you can receive from other companies. Everyone wants to celebrate YOU on the day you were brought into this beautiful world. Free Items…

  • Buying a Home With Partner Cartoon
    Tips and Tricks

    Buying A Home At A Young Age

    Hi loves ❤️ I never imagined that at 23, I would be approved to purchase a house of my own. We bought our home 2 months after I graduated college. The past 10 months has been an incredible journey. We looked into buying a house after the realization that renting yet another apartment didn’t make financial sense for us. We would be paying SO MUCH money and not getting anything in return. So on a whim, we looked at a few houses in Lebanon. What started as just innocent browsing houses – turned into a house hunt. Everything happened so quick The realtor called us within minutes of requesting a…