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Start Today Journal

Journaling has always allowed me to get all of my thoughts down and keeps my head clear. With the Start Today Journal, it combines practicing daily gratitude with goal setting. I find when I use this journal each morning, I tend to be in a better mood. Writing out the goals I am working toward each daily helps me be more intentional with my daily actions. This helps me keep in mind everything I need to do in order to achieve my goals.

The Start Today Journal was created by the motivational speaker, Rachel Hollis. She created the journal in 2019 with the help of her company, Hollis Co. This journal has helped so many people worldwide AND in December 2019, Target picked up Rachel for her own line of journals and planners.

Hydro Flask

I have been working on drinking more water since the middle of 2018. Buying a Hydro Flask is the one item that changed my water consumption for the better. The bottle I purchased was a 40 oz mint green wide mouth bottle with a straw. With this new bottle, I only have to fill it three times over the course of a day to get my recommended amount of water in. This helps me tremendously when I am working in the office because I don’t have to get up and disrupt my work to get my water in.

Walmart Pickup

YA’LL. Walmart Pickup has changed my life. I have been using the pickup option since August 2019 and now I couldn’t imagine grocery shopping each week. I have gotten into a pretty solid routine of meal planning and ordering my groceries on Friday and picking up my groceries Saturday morning.

Using Walmart Pickup has allowed me to control our grocery budget a little better (Check out my most recent budgeting post). I no longer shop down each aisle picking up items we don’t really need. It has also been such a time saver. I can send our order on their app while laying in bed Friday night and spend 30 minutes at most (commute included) picking up groceries.

As always, check back next month for my new favorites.

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