• 5 Tips to stay healthy on a busy schedule
    Health and Fitness

    5 Tips to Stay Healthy on a Busy Schedule

    Hi loves❤️ Today I wanted to take some time to focus in on how to stay healthy when you are living a busy life. This can be for mom’s who split their time between working and taking care of their kids, people who are simply overworked and don’t have much time for personal care, or can be for individuals who need a few simple steps to keep them on track. I share these tips out of experience and am still trying to find complete balance (if that even exists) between all of my avenues in life. What does Being Healthy even mean? “Being Healthy” can become such a controversial topic…

  • Say Hello to Our Fur Babies
    My Life

    Say Hello to Our Cute Fur Babies

    Hi loves ❤️ I know I have been a little MIA here on my blog during the month of March. If you follow me on social media, you know that recently my fiance and I moved cities. We found our DREAM home and decided to take the plunge of moving. Things are starting to calm back down as we get all settled in and put our old home up on the market. If you want to see more about our move, check out my insta or facebook. I wanted to take a few minutes out of my day to just share some adorable pictures of our fur babies. Say hello…

  • 5 Medicine-Free Ways to help your headache
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    5 Medicine-Free Ways to Find Headache Relief

    Hi loves❤️ With the current weather here in Indiana, I have been experiencing headaches WAY too often this winter/spring (If you want to call snow in April SPRING). I typically start showing signs of a headache in the evening time and it will carry over into the next morning. I used to swear by taking a few Excedrin and go about my day – but lately, it wasn’t quite doing the trick. This month I have been exploring different ways to help my headaches without taking any medication. Some ways I have tried helped DRAMATICALLY, but others – not so much. My headaches are brutal and if I don’t catch…

  • To my High School Self
    Personal Growth

    To My High School Self

    Hi loves ❤ In a few months I will be 25 (oh shit, I’m getting old) and am approaching 6 years post high school. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflecting with my personal development this month so I wanted to put together a list of things I would tell my high school self. It’s okay to fail It took me until 6 months ago to be fully comfortable saying that out loud. I was a people-pleaser, rule follower, must have straight A’s kinda girl. If I thought I was going to fail at something, I simply just didn’t do it. I missed out on a lot of experiences…

  • February Goals
    Monthly Goals

    February Goals

    Hi loves ❤ I can’t believe we are already in month two of 2019. January flew by for me personally, but I accomplished so many important things last month. I am ready to take on another month with a new set of goals. February is a HUGE month for me! I am setting the expectations high and plan on achieving all of my goals. Financial Goals The one financial goal I want to work on this month is my guilty pleasure….. Starbucks. I spent more money than I should have last month on Starbucks. My goal for February? Only one Starbucks trip per week. Health and Fitness Goals Complete my…

  • How to Review Monthly Goals
    Personal Growth

    How to Review Monthly Goals!

    Hi loves ❤ Another month has come to an end. I can’t believe that it is already February. This year is going by so fast. Each month I set back some time to review my goals and realign where I want to be before the next month. Before reading my review, you can read about the goals I set in January here. I will be guiding you on how you can review your own goals. Reviewing monthly goals gives you the ability to see where you are at currently – and where you are wanting to go. I like to think that reviewing each and every goal I set (even if…

  • All About Macros!
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    All About Macros!

    Hi loves ❤, Macro. Macro-nutrients. Carbs, Protein, and Fat. Whatever you call them, there is one thing in common: THEY ARE IMPORTANT.  For me, 2018 was a year of growing and thriving. With that, I made one decision that has forever changed my life. I began tracking my macros. 25 pounds later – I am pro-Macro Tracking. In July of 2018 I was blessed to receive a FREE appointment with our company nutritionist. This appointment was beneficial to me because I was able to gain the insights into how a nutritionist feels about the trend of tracking macros. I am forever grateful for this appointment and I first wanted to take…

  • Kettle Ball - Workout Equipment
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    Home Workout Equipment

    Hi loves ❤ Have you ever planned to get in a workout, but you just can’t make it to the gym? Has the weather prevented you from leaving your home? Do you just want a true stay-cation, without leaving your house? If any of the above statements ring true to you, you need to read this blog. Over the past few years I have been building my stash of workout equipment, and I’m excited to share this with you! Depending on what your workout goals are, what types of exercises you prefer, and the amount of space you have in your home, all determine what equipment you should keep in your…