• How to Create a Cleaning Routine
    Cleaning and Decluttering

    How to Create a Cleaning Routine that Works For You

    Hi loves❤️ If you follow me on social media, you may know that I released a cleaning routine guide. I wanted to create a blog post to go along with my Cleaning Routine Guide to help you all out! About the Cleaning Routine Guide When you subscribe to my email list – you will receive two guides. I will give you the exact guide I use in my home AND a blank guide for you to create your own cleaning routine. My Cleaning Routine Guide breaks down what tasks are completed on a daily and weekly basis. With our new home, I am currently researching and discovering what tasks need…

  • Guest Post from WILAM

    4 Healthy and Quick Slow-Cooker Meals – {Guest Post}

    Hi everyone! We’d like to introduce ourselves – We are Meghan & Melissa and we have a blog called Work It Like A Mother, where we focus on fitness and healthy living for working moms. We are local to the Greater Philadelphia Area, where we visit a variety of gyms, studios, and fitness boutiques and write all about our experiences. Our goal is to encourage and motivate working moms to find and continue to exercise. Now, on to our favorite slow-cooker recipes. 🙂 Most of us think… “Dinner…ugh. Do I really have time for that? Isn’t it just easier to get take out? Yes, but it is healthier? Is it…

  • Declutter Home Tips
    Cleaning and Decluttering

    5 Tips to Declutter Your Home

    Hi loves❤️ Today I want to tackle the popular topic of decluttering your home. I have seen this topic become more and more talked about within my blogger community this year. I wanted to provide my take on decluttering and the top ways I successfully got rid of all our clutter in our home. A Little Story I want to tell a little back story. Before our recent move, Jordan and I lived in a small starter home. We absolutely loved our home – but knew whenever we wanted to start having babies, we would need a bigger home. I won’t lie to you – babies are on our near…

  • 5 Tips to stay healthy on a busy schedule
    Health and Fitness

    5 Tips to Stay Healthy on a Busy Schedule

    Hi loves❤️ Today I wanted to take some time to focus in on how to stay healthy when you are living a busy life. This can be for mom’s who split their time between working and taking care of their kids, people who are simply overworked and don’t have much time for personal care, or can be for individuals who need a few simple steps to keep them on track. I share these tips out of experience and am still trying to find complete balance (if that even exists) between all of my avenues in life. What does Being Healthy even mean? “Being Healthy” can become such a controversial topic…

  • Say Hello To Our Fur Babies
    My Life

    Say Hello to Our Cute Fur Babies

    Hi loves ❤️ I know I have been a little MIA here on my blog during the month of March. If you follow me on social media, you know that recently my fiance and I moved cities. We found our DREAM home and decided to take the plunge of moving. Things are starting to calm back down as we get all settled in and put our old home up on the market. If you want to see more about our move, check out my insta or facebook. I wanted to take a few minutes out of my day to just share some adorable pictures of our fur babies. Say hello…

  • 5 Medicine-Free Ways to help your headache
    Health and Fitness

    5 Medicine-Free Ways to Find Headache Relief

    Hi loves❤️ With the current weather here in Indiana, I have been experiencing headaches WAY too often this winter/spring (If you want to call snow in April SPRING). I typically start showing signs of a headache in the evening time and it will carry over into the next morning. I used to swear by taking a few Excedrin and go about my day – but lately, it wasn’t quite doing the trick. This month I have been exploring different ways to help my headaches without taking any medication. Some ways I have tried helped DRAMATICALLY, but others – not so much. My headaches are brutal and if I don’t catch…

  • pasta salad

    My Go-To Pasta Salad

    Hi loves ❤️ I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes I use on a weekly basis when I meal prep. When I meal prep, I like to use quick and simple meals to ensure the meals won’t go to waste. My pasta salad is a staple I bring to work for lunch. Ingredients Pasta of Your Choice Black Olives Grape Tomatoes Italian Dressing When I feel like I need to switch things up a bit, I will add in a few cucumbers, pepperoni, or cheese. Directions Boil pasta as directed, Drain and put into plastic container Cut up tomatoes and olives and put in a smaller container Before…

  • To my High School Self
    Personal Growth

    To My High School Self

    Hi loves ❤ In a few months I will be 25 (oh shit, I’m getting old) and am approaching 6 years post high school. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflecting with my personal development this month so I wanted to put together a list of things I would tell my high school self. It’s okay to fail It took me until 6 months ago to be fully comfortable saying that out loud. I was a people-pleaser, rule follower, must have straight A’s kinda girl. If I thought I was going to fail at something, I simply just didn’t do it. I missed out on a lot of experiences…